I wrote

these things.

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This is a small selection of writing samples of which I’m very proud.

The Packard Presence in Columbus, Ohio

in Belt Magazine


in Midwest Architecture Journeys forthcoming from Belt Publishing in October, 2019.

Midwest Architecture Journeys cover.png

Cover your fridge in finger turkeys

on the Brevity blog.

brevity turkey fingers image.png

 Don’t say it: meghan daum speaks it in “unspeakable”

in Assay Journal.

daum piece assay journal.png

 Taking action to pay off $48,000 of student loan debt in one year

on Jackie Beck.com

student loans jackie beck PM.png

And I’m writing more.

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What am I working on?

home is a hard lesson

A memoir about returning home and leaving again.

So. Many. Essays.


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