Come write with me…

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I work with committed women writers who want to infuse some magic into a work-in-progress.

One problem many gifted writers face is the way they’ve held themselves back, whether that’s the way they’ve let doubt in their ability to follow through stop them from starting, or fear of the inevitable criticism that comes from putting their work into the world.

Maybe you’ve made a good living for yourself writing in a niche that’s not your dream, or you’ve been organizing writers instead of being one.

Maybe you’ve started a million pieces, and gone to great lengths to avoid finishing them up and sending them out.

If you’ve ever wanted to live a bigger creative life, we can create the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for from a cozy cottage on the Isle of Skye.

Is this you?

  • Bursts of inspiration turn into overwhelm.

  • You’re working on the same damn essay since last fall.

  • You don’t stick to things.

  • You’re an established writer, but want to get to a higher level.

  • You’re serious about what you’re doing, but could use some coaching to get you through it.

  • You’re afraid of not doing your story justice.

  • You’re hungry for examples of other people who are doing what you want to do.

  • You’re looking for a structure where you can be consistently doing the work.

If these sound familiar, then the Isle of Skye Writing Retreat is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’ll get everything you need to take your writing life to the next level - one where you’re in control and comfortable with the success you most desire.

Imagine standing at the edge of the world, gazing out across the water, wind in your hair, your creative dreams coursing through your body, ready to take shape on the page and in the world.

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The Isle of Skye Writing Retreat is the solution to the humdrum, lukewarm approach you’ve been using to inch yourself forward toward your dreams.

The Isle of Skye Writing Retreat is a five day, four night adventure for five women writers who want to monopolize on their current success and take their writing lives to places they haven’t yet let themselves dare.

What you can expect:

  • Absolutely awe-inspiring landscapes that make your jaw drop and your imagination soar.

  • A trip to the Fairy Glen to write and walk the labyrinth for an answer to the question for which you most want an answer.

  • Coffee at Kilt Rock.

  • Walking meditation the Quiraing.

  • A room at Tarradale Cottage, just a few minutes walk to Portree, the largest town on the island

  • Meals included from community kitchen at Tarradale Cottage.

  • Time, glorious time, to write new material, and to polish up something old.

  • Nightly feedback on your work.

  • One on one mentoring opportunities.

  • Pre-retreat one-on-one call to set your plan and your focus for the retreat.

  • Post-retreat one-on-one call to follow up on the goal of the retreat so you can have the accountability you need to follow through.

  • Camaraderie with other talented women writers while you adventure on Skye together

  • Post-retreat group coaching call four months from the date of departure [this is for support for the four month mark because “the magic of Skye takes four months to implement” according to John, and in my experience, when it hits, it hits HARD and you need support.]

Your Itinerary:

Day 1

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  • Arrive on the Isle of Skye

  • Head to Tarradale Cottage

  • Leisurely explore Portree

  • Dinner together to meet other retreat participants

  • Time to write/rest/get acclimated because jet lag is real and it will be light until after midnight

Day 2

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  • Group breakfast

  • Morning writing

  • Mid morning excursion to The Old Man of Storr, Kilt Rock, and Quiraing

  • Lunch at Quiraing, time to write/walk

  • Return to cottage for group dinner

  • Evening reading/workshop

Day 3

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  • Morning writing

  • Lunch together/light teaching

  • Afternoon excursion to Fairy Glen

  • Dinner at restaurant in Portree

  • Evening reading/feedback

Day 4

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  • Morning writing

  • Afternoon excursion to Fairy Pools and Sligachan

  • Dinner together at Tarradale

  • Evening workshop/feedback

Day 5

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  • Morning writing

  • Goodbye breakfast

  • Trip back to Kyle for afternoon train to Inverness

you’ll head home with:

  • A sense of awe

  • Words on the page

  • Tools to help you reframe your stuck stories

  • Solutions for the problem of self-sabotage

  • Faith in your personal development

  • Satisfaction of a well-deserved adventure

  • New thoughts outside your normal realm of possibility

I’m looking for 5 women writers to join me July 13th to July 17th at Tarradale Cottage on the Isle of Skye to transform their writing and infuse some magic into a work-in-progress AND their writing lives.

Wait, when is this thing?

Monday, July 13th to Friday, July 17th

What’s my investment?

Just $2,997 for room, board, meals, transportation around the island, and coaching and feedback.

If you’re ready for an adventure that will transform your writing life, fill out a quick application HERE.


“It's said that every writer needs an editor, but more than that, every writer needs a good editor. A thoughtful, talented, insightful editor who understands your vision and gives you smart feedback for how to improve. That's where Amanda comes in––she's a writer's secret weapon. After she's done reviewing your manuscript or finishing teaching a workshop you're in, you'll have an action plan and a clear direction for the future. You'll know what's working, what isn't, and know exactly what you need to do to improve. I've implemented her feedback on my work and a number of those essays have gone on to be published in my bucket list publications. I can't recommend Amanda enough!” - MANDY SHUNNARAH

"Amanda Page is a writer who gets stuff done. When I am seeking inspiration, guidance, or practical feedback on how to implement my writing ideas, she is my go-to person. Amanda isn't just a great peer: she's someone who sees the glimmers of promise in every piece of work you create. She's pushed me to pitch venues I never thought would publish my work, and it's resulted in some of the bylines that I am the most proud of in my writing career. She has a wealth of knowledge about the publicity side of writing, including the networking and audience building aspects that many of us authors seem to forget sometimes. Working with her has definitely brought my writing career to the next level, and I'm not alone. If you mention Amanda to any writer in our city, they not only know her, but will tell you how awesome she is to work with. Amanda believes in the power of writing and the potential of writers, and she never stops sharing her shine. We're lucky to have her in Columbus." - HARMONY COX