There is a school of thought that believes that everything, even our thoughts – those elusive, private, words in our heads – are made of matter. Our thoughts are made of matter. I remember thinking, the first time I heard this idea, “What happens when you change that one little word?” Then, our thoughts are made to matter.

It was on an artist’s statement. That’s where I first encountered the idea. I was wandering around the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and came upon a painting by Frantisek Kupka. I’d never heard of him, but I was mesmerized by the painting. It was colorful, and made me think of strands of DNA. I read the statement, and it turned out that the Czech painter believed that “everything, even thoughts, were made of matter.”

Made of matter. Made to matter.

My next thought, “Words.”

Words are thoughts made of matter. Assembled. Sometimes tangible. Pieced together to make a meaning.