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I’m a writer, professor, podcaster, and retreat host.

I work with talented women writers, like you, who need a nudge into the next level of their work, whether that be bigger, better bylines or barely beginning to explore their artistic voices.

Maybe you’ve held yourself back for fear of criticism, doubt in your abilities or your work’s marketability.

Maybe you’ve made a good living for yourself writing in a niche that’s not your dream, or you spend your time organizing writers instead of being one.

For whatever the reason, which I’ll help you identify, you aren’t happy or confident in your body of work. Maybe you’re disappointed in the volume of work you’ve produced, or maybe, just maybe, you’ve been too afraid to ever even start.

What can I do for you?

I help writers, like you, clarify your writing goals and expand your writing lives, improve your platforms and publishing strategies, and reinvigorate your writing voices.

I help writers commit to their visions by providing time and space to think and write and brainstorm in one of the most magical places on Earth:

The Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands.

Why me?

I’ve been a defeated writer, insecure in my offerings, fearful of harsh criticism (or trolling) and lazy about doing the work.

I’ve also been focused, committed, and not f*cking around any more.

I stopped f*cking around after I booked a van tour to the Isle of Skye.

I made friends with John, the tour guide. When he asked me what I did for a living, I bungled my way through an explanation. I didn’t have a clear, confident vision of myself as a writer. John noticed.

Against the breathtaking landscape of Scotland, John told me, “I don’t think this is your last time on Skye. I know a house. I don’t even know if you can rent it. But, I think you’re going to come back to Skye and write something amazing in that house.”

I spent the next summer in that house on Skye, writing, staring out the window, absolutely loving what the magic of Skye (and John) did for my life.

I realized that I was more of a writer than I was giving myself credit for. Sure, I went to write something, but I also went to have a new adventure worth writing about.

And that’s where the transformation happens. In the adventure.


Sometimes you have to take your writing on an adventure.

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Amanda’s Accomplishments Include:

  • Graduate of the MFA program in Creative Writing at the University of Alabama.

  • Inaugural member of LA Writers Group (dot com).

  • Mentor and editor to AWP Nonfiction Prize 1st Runner Up.

  • Two decades of teaching a variety of writing courses, ranging from basic composition to short fiction and Creative Nonfiction.

  • Creator of Dream Beyond Debt, a blog about paying off $48,000 of student loan debt in 14 months.

  • Founding Director of the Flyover Library at Wild Goose Creative, a collection of books and literary events by and about Midwestern writers.

  • Editor of The Columbus Anthology, forthcoming from Belt Publishing and The Ohio State University Press.

  • Founder of Packard’s Columbus, a tour (and accompanying essay) of Frank Packard architecture throughout downtown Columbus, Ohio.

  • Featured storyteller on the Columbus Arts Festival Word is Art Stage

  • Featured storyteller at Story Club Columbus

Where did it all begin?

I’ve been a teenage poet, a journal keeper, and a journalist. I’ve written longform essays and lesson plans. But it was my time as a blogger that sparked the real change I needed to turn my humdrum, scattershot writing career around and make me brave enough to get serious and get to the work.

There were a lot of years of struggle with few publications to show it. If we fast forward to 2015, we see the year that I got serious about eliminating my student loan debt. I thought it held me back. It kept me small. I started a blog, Dream Beyond Debt, to track my progress in paying it off quickly. I was anonymous at first. In the process of both paying off the debt and writing the blog, I had to determine what I wanted most in my life. In the process, I realized that to achieve my dreams, I’d have to be seen.

No more hiding my voice in a notebook. No more hiding my identity on my blog.

Since I put my picture and real name on the blog, a lot has changed. I’ve achieved some of the dreams I declared when I started the project. I paid off the debt. I bought a house. I’ve started traveling internationally again.

Like to Scotland. To the Isle of Skye.

And I’ve started putting my work into the world more consistently. You can see some of it in my Portfolio.

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